How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Sydney, Australia

May 3, 2022

In Sydney, Australia, weddings are often a one-day event, with the ceremony taking place during the day and the reception following. It is considered an important life milestone and is so comfortably celebrated. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, but it can also be one of the most expensive. The prices involved might range from venue hire to food and beverage packages to flowers, depending on how you envision your big day unfolding. So, what does the average Australian spend? The average wedding in Australia costs 36,000 dollars. An Australian wedding day costs $28,644 for most couples.

Whatever your ideal wedding looks like – whether it’s a small backyard gathering of friends and family or a larger catered celebration at a specialized reception location – there are a few things to consider and concerns to keep in mind as you plan for the big day.

A regular marriage in Australia in 2018 cost 24,562 dollars, with a median of 20,000 dollars. The fair cost of a wedding in 2019 climbed slightly to 25,679 dollars with a median of 24,000 dollars. Before COVID-19, the average wedding day spent in Australia in 2020 was $19,429, with a median of $21,500.

Professional services that generally bestow to the cost of a wedding include:

  • wedding officiant 
  • a wedding ceremony 
  • wedding reception venue a wedding officiant food and beverages and/or catering 
  • It is entertain mate wedding try and/or styling photography and/or videography
  • clothing for wedding planners (bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, suit)
  • the beauty of the cake (hair and makeup)
  • design of invitations/stationery and other items several homes to wedding preparation priorities, newlyweds usually prioritize booking a wedding reception site first. Other important factors to consider are the wedding gown and the location of the wedding ceremony.


There are several options available When it comes to selecting a place for a wedding occasion at a hotel or function center. The site of your wedding may play a significant role in determining the entire cost – Marriages in a luxury hotel setting would incur charges related to the venue.

Date – Time

The period of year you choose for your wedding will also influence the cost. The peak wedding season in Australia, accordingly, is between March and May, then again between September and November. If you get married on a weekend, the cost of your wedding may be greater as well. 


Guestlist affects your budgeting. It is critical to determine how many guests you wish to invite. You may want an intimate celebration with a small group of close relatives and friends, which may feel safer in these uncertain times, or you may prefer a larger guest list of a hundred or more people, as long as you are willing to be flexible if lockdowns or restrictions disrupt your plans. If you opt to get married in an off-site location such as an event hotel or function center, you will normally pay a per person fee for catering.


The theme you choose for your wedding will be determined by your and your partner’s preferences. You may want a relaxing and casual day,  surrounded by friends; you may prefer a rustic or bohemian-style wedding, or you may prefer a more sophisticated and traditional event. The theme you choose might have an impact on the wedding expenditures, as it includes things like flowers, decorations, clothing, styling, and even events to match your intended aesthetic.

What are the most expensive wedding expenses in Australia?

After you’ve chosen a location, date, guest list, and theme for your wedding, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are big expenses that you may face at an Australian wedding:

  1. Rental of a location (reception and ceremony)
  2. Wedding
  3. Bouquets
  4. Hire chairs and tables (if not provided by venue)
  5. Decorations
  6. Photography/videography
  7. Celebrant
  8. Cake
  9. Hair and make-up services, as well as pre-wedding handlings, are available.
  10. Transport
  11. Postage and invitations
  12. Marriage certificate
  13. Hen’s and buck’s parties
  14. Housing
  15. Presents

Tips to save money

There are several places where you could save more money if you wish to decrease wedding costs. It includes choosing a non-traditional venue, bringing your liquor and grub, serving your wedding cake as dessert, and thinking about the outfits you and your spouse will wear. Some couples also ask close relatives and friends to give money instead of the more traditional gifts.

Appropriation of your wedding

  1. Always start with the budget.

Bring your appropriation to every consultation, visit venues, carry a casual Google search, and be sure to express it to the seller as shortly as Physically feasible. We understand that it can be difficult to discuss money straight at first, but vendors, in particular, deal with this every day, and being honest with them means that they can actively present to you only what falls within your budget.

  1. Avoid looking at anything that is out of your price range.

This is difficult to accomplish, especially if you’re doing a lot of online research. You should also be strong with specific vendors, such as wedding gown designers and stores, that you do not want to try on anything that exceeds your budget. 

  1. You provided your food and alcohol.

If you choose a sit-down meal at a traditional wedding venue, stand-up cocktails, or professional catering at home, food, and drinks may be a significant wedding expense. If your location allows it, delivering your wine, and even going for a ‘potluck’ style wedding where guests bring a dish to share could help you save money.

  1. As a dessert, serve your wedding cake.

If you choose a meal and beverage package, skipping the dessert and using your wedding cake can help you save money. You can save even more money if a friend or family member with a baking aptitude is ready to provide you with a cake for free or at a reduced cost as a wedding present.

  1. Save travel money

You might want to go on a honeymoon. Some couples opt to work this immediately after their wedding, while others may wish to postpone it, for example, if you want to travel internationally for your honeymoon, you may need to postpone it until international borders reopen.

In any case, the price of your honeymoon should be factored into the entire cost of your wedding.


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