How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Earn?

February 1, 2022

Weddings involve multiple tasks to be taken care of, wedding pictures hold a special place in the list because you will be cherishing them forever. To be aware, you’d need to be aware of the prices and everything in its proximity. Wedding photographers can be expensive.

Wedding photographer costs vary based on several factors, including the location of your wedding. Photographers based in large cities tend to be more expensive than those based in other locations. The average cost of an Australian wedding is projected to be between $36,200 and $54,000. In Australia, the average cost of hiring a photographer is $3983.

What’s covered in a wedding photographer’s prices?

When choosing your wedding photographer, be sure to read the information regarding their pricing and packages carefully because these can vary considerably from photographer to photographer and have a significant impact on wedding photography price. They spend at your wedding which is between 2-8 hours. The package you opted for, experience, recommendation, and collaboration.
While wedding photography styles vary, some photographers choose bright and airy photographs, while others choose dramatic or documentary shots, however, the prices remain unaffected. Costs are determined primarily by experience and demand, although a higher price does not imply better images. Most photographers boost their fees every year, thus the price is often depending on experience.

Here are a few things to look for in terms of products and services:

Your budget:
On average, wedding photography will consume 10-15% of the whole wedding expenses. This is only the beginning, the budget will only crease if you will get creative with your pictures.

A thorough understanding of the various packages will save you a lot of worries. Find out everything there is to know about the bundle you choose. How many photos will you receive? Will they be printed or digital? Will you be getting a record? What is the duration of the package? Will you get simple photos or photos that have been digitally tweaked and manipulated? This will assist you in determining how much to spend and what you should spend it on. You’re not just paying them to snap your images. You’re also paying for the photographer’s time and skills.

There are several wedding photography styles from which to pick. You make your decision based on the image you wish to project and your personality. Different levels of professionalism are required to accomplish these styles, so do the fees.

Why are wedding photographers expensive?

Wedding photography may be expensive because you’re not only paying for the photographer’s time on the wedding day, but also for the days and weeks after the event! Photographers capture a lot of photographs during each wedding, and sorting through them to choose the best to give to the couple may take a long time. That’s only the beginning of the post-production process; there’s also color grading and occasionally retouching to consider.

The good news is that photographers may be found in a variety of pricing ranges. You need to focus on the quality nevertheless, bear in mind that you are paying for the quality of the pictures. Other costs run along with the professional photography business like equipment, assistance, marketing, and editing.

Some of the factors that influence the price of the photographers:

  • Time:
    Most wedding photography packages offer six hours of coverage and an infinite quantity of photos. You’ll have to pay more if you want your photographer to cover your event for a longer period. Additional hours will be charged at a higher rate.
  • Travel:
    Is your photographer required to travel a considerable distance to attend your event? If he or she is driving to your wedding, you may have to pay a per-mile fee, or you may have to pay for flights and lodging if it is a destination wedding.
  • Second Shooters/Staffing:
    Will your photographer be assisted by a second shooter? Expect to pay extra if this is the case.
  • Editing:
    Your photographer will spend a significant amount of time editing and retouching your wedding images to ensure that they appear flawless.
  • Photos:
    The fee of your wedding photographer should include the images themselves. You may get digital assets in a variety of methods, including through an online gallery and/or a USB stick.
  • Print release:
    A “print release” is included in many wedding photography packages, which means that you can print the photographs for your personal use. However, you should be aware that you will most likely not have a full “copyright release,” which means you will not own the images and will not be able to sell them, and your photographer will be able to use them for marketing reasons.
  • Prints:
    Some wedding photographers provide photo prints in their packages. While you are not required to purchase your prints from your photographer, they will probably turn out better if you do.
  • Albums:
    As part of your photographer’s package, he or she may include a wedding album. You have the option of designing and purchasing your album through your photographer or a third-party business.
  • Additional shoots:
    Some photographers provide an engagement shot as part of their service, for aesthetic purposes, most of the couples have their pre-bridal shoot, Bridal photographs, trash the dress sessions, and footage of your rehearsal dinner are all going to cost extra.

Types of photography:

  • Photojournalism:
    It is a type of wedding photography that focuses on conveying a story. Instead of planned photos, the photographer will capture natural, emotive moments.
  • Traditional wedding photography:
    It is a more formal, classic photographic style that includes a lot of set photos.
  • Fine Art:
    It is all about dramatic compositions and stylized imagery in this style. It’s a more contemporary method that results in photographs that are worthy of framing.
  • Fashion:
    This is the wedding photography style for you if you want photographs that focus on your outfit and appear as if they belong in a magazine. Consider innovative stances and imaginative settings.
  • Vintage photography:
    It employs filters and other methods to give your wedding images a vintage vibe.


Most wedding photographers’ packages do not include videography. Photographers and videographers are typically independent vendors from different businesses, while some husband-and-wife pairs provide both services. For 10 hours of coverage and a five-minute highlight reel, a wedding videographer costs marginally less than a photographer.

When to hire the wedding photographer?

When it comes to scheduling your wedding photographer, the sooner the better, especially if you have a certain provider in mind. If you want to utilize your engagement photographs as save-the-dates, be sure you hire your photographer at least 10 months ahead of time because save-the-dates are sent out four to eight months before your wedding day.

How do you select the best photographer?

Wedding photography is a significant investment. It is important to have a thorough look at the photographer’s work profile, past work experiences. You should not hesitate to ask your vendors to introduce the photographer because for them the work becomes comfortable.

Should you negotiate?

You can try to negotiate with your wedding photographer, but most costs are fixed. Photographers provide scaled packages at various price ranges to meet clients where they are and eliminate the need for haggling. Fees like editing software, gear, licensing, insurance, and other commercial costs that brides and grooms don’t see are factored into packages. Negotiating can result in photographers just breaking even, if not losing money.

Payment options

Payment plans differ, but most photographers choose a two- or three-payment plan. The deposit, which is usually payable simultaneously with the signed contract, is the initial payment. Your wedding date is secured with this deposit. The second payment – the remainder of the agreed-upon amount — is due before the wedding using a two-payment schedule. Photographers that work on a three-payment plan divide the final payment and demand customers to pay after the wedding when all photographs are finalized and ready to be sent.

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