April 27, 2022

Fashion has never been more focused on personal style especially for brides. Before covid, Weddings used to be traditional custom, and a long list of style expectations, but after a year at home, couples-to-be are reconsidering what they want and how to best express that through style, not just at the ceremony, but at all the events leading up to walk down the aisle. Designers have accepted the challenge of creating looks that feel timeless while also fitting for these slightly uncertain times, from the civil ceremony to the welcome party, rehearsal dinner, aisle, reception, after-party, and every other event in between. This means layers, such as bridal coats, jackets, and sweaters, in case dates or venues change; street wear influences to make gowns and corsetry feel less serious; and playful, rather than excessive, accessorize.

It is exciting to share the top wedding dress styles trends we saw from the 2022 collections.

Bridal Fashion Week this year featured a variety of bridal styles that differ from the traditional wedding gown. Designers celebrated old Regency trends with a modern twist for the coming year, incorporating the old with the new. Brides-to-be are paving the way with corsets, ruffles, and puffy sleeves that allow them to stand out like never before.

  • Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are trending this season, and this trend was stunning. There were mini dresses with three-dimensional floral appliqués shown by Markarian. There were gowns with floral, sequins, and beading was presented. There was a version to suit every bride’s style.

  • Dramatic Feathers

Designers are providing brides with the opportunity to ramp up their bridal fashion as the return of large-scale weddings approaches. Several collections featured dramatic feather details.

  • Bridal Separates

Brides are ecstatic about the rise of non-traditional bridal wear, particularly bridal separates. This is the time to shine for brides who prefer to wear multiple pieces rather than a wedding gown.

  • Deep V-Necklines

This season, deep V-necklines were a huge trend, appearing in almost every collection that debuted.

  • Silhouettes

Form-fitting dresses, sheer illusion, open backs, and skin-baring designs are very trendy this bridal season. Silhouettes are very appealing.

  • Balloon “Puff” Sleeves

Puff sleeves were embraced by many brands this season inspired by modern-day Bridgeton-inspired gowns.

  • Thigh-High Slits

High-thigh slits are in trend this season and shouldn’t they be? They are bold, sexy, confident, and after staying indoors for a while, the brides need it.

  • Transitional Pieces

The abundance of bridal capes, overskirts, and removable sleeves demonstrates that transitional pieces are expected to be a huge trend in the coming years. These timeless pieces—are perfect for brides looking for a two-in-one look. Because wedding celebrations will continue to change, move, and morph, wedding wardrobes must be adaptable and long-lasting. Choose layering pieces that you can wear multiple times for whatever special occasion you’re planning. Consider sculptural capes, feather-trimmed coats, embroidered jackets, or organza dusters and blazers as accents for upcoming events that require open-air, outdoor venues.

  1. Minis & Jumpsuits for the Aisle

Shorter hemlines have always played a role in a modern bride’s arsenal, but this year as civil ceremonies replaced epic 100+ person events, brides and designers alike deemed minis, midis, jumpsuits, and tea-lengths appropriate for the ceremony.

However, showing off your legs and shoes does not have to be limited to civil ceremonies or the after-party. Any of these looks would be appropriate for a wedding if paired with a veil. 

The vibrant and vivid hues that have adorned the dresses this season have broken tradition like never before.

  • Ballet-Inspired Details

Blush tones, grosgrain ribbons, and frothy tulle aren’t new in bridal, but ballet touches—from tutu-esque skirts to leotard-like necklines—were all the rage this season. And it didn’t stop there: for 2022, there were plenty of bows and ribbons, sheer details, and dreamy yet refined ballerina-pink palettes. With touches of modernity and classicism, this is Center Stage meets Black Swan. Dainty details, gossamer fabrics, and athletic shapes paired with layered ruffles and voluminous skirts combine drama in the best looks.

If you want to add a theatrical element to your outfit, this look is almost effortless in its grandeur; plus, it moves in a way that stiff silks and satins don’t.

  • Color & Prints

This style is for the bride who is unconcerned about the status quo. Blush was once the go-to color, followed by ginger and champagne, but now we’re seeing pistachio, dove, lavender, and sky blue in the mix.

For a feminine yet cool take on the aisle, these soft tones are here to stay. In short, even for moments as monumental as your wedding ceremony, you can have fun with fashion and play dress-up.

  • 90s Redux

Slip dresses aren’t exactly new in the bridal world, but they’re instantly more reminiscent of the decade that gave us some of fashion’s most memorable moments when paired with bomber jackets, body-con cutouts, and a grunge vibe.

Incorporate slinky silhouettes, slashes, and slits, and embrace hints of black—this look promises minimalism with a twist while still exuding an air of effortlessness, ideal for a bride seeking to combine romance with a sense of rebellion.

  • Visible Corsetry

Underwear is making its way down the aisle as outerwear, but this time it’s less sexy and more regal than ever. Bridgeton-inspired non-boudoir corsetry is combined with sheer tulle, gossamer laces, and embroidery for a royal wedding-worthy look with a sexy edge.

We’re loving this new take on sophisticated sexiness, which includes everything from corsets exposed on classic ball gowns to innovative options with pleating, cutouts, volume, and more.

  • A Wardrobe of Earrings

It’s no surprise that earrings are making such a big impact after a year of sweatpants and the occasional dress. They draw attention to your face, lengthen your neck, and add movement beneath your veil.

Consider your look’s neckline and embellishment first, then style accordingly; high necklines work well with an earring that doesn’t compete with its placement on your neck, whereas a strapless piece may call for a bolder choice, such as a shoulder-duster.

  • Minis & Jumpsuits for the Aisle

Shorter hemlines have always played a role in a modern bride’s arsenal, but this year as civil ceremonies replaced epic 100+ person events, brides and designers alike deemed minis, midis, jumpsuits, and tea-lengths appropriate for the ceremony.

However, showing off your legs and shoes does not have to be limited to civil ceremonies or the after-party. Any of these looks would be appropriate for a wedding if paired with a veil.

  • Mock Necks

These high-neck variations evoke classicism but with a modern flair, whether you want a slim fit, an A-line, or a ball gown. This conservative-with-a-twist trend proves that regal can take many forms and does not have to look matronly.

  • Non-heirloom Pearls

Although pearls have long been a popular bridal accessory, this is not your grandmother’s strand. This finishing touch has taken the place of more glamorous crystals and a lot of glitz, but it looks just as good. Think Baroque, clusters, and opalescent rather than “something old” when it comes to pearl embroideries and all-over embroidered details.

This delicate detail can be ladylike, bohemian, innovative, or edgy, and it speaks to our desire to dress up in a traditional-meets-modern way.

Everyday Clothes for the Aisle

Meet the bride who has survived quarantine: She’s more daring than ever, and she’s game for bold styling and a laid-back approach to wedding attire.

Wear bridal corsets over tailored shirting or with jeans. Knee-high boots look great with mini-dresses. Incorporate knits, athletic cuts, and loose-fit trousers into your wardrobe. It’s all about incorporating your favorite work-from-home activities into your wedding day.

  • All-or-Nothing Trains

Going grand used to mean a lot of lace, beading, and thread work all over the place, but this look is all about scale, silhouette, and volume. In other words, go big with your train, or don’t do it at all. The days of finding a happy medium to make trains perfectly bustle-able are over; if you want a lot of drama for the aisle but don’t want to sacrifice mobility in your reception, change into a second look for dinner—like one of these without a train—and then change again for the after-party.

Is there another viewpoint? Instead, wear a floor-length gown with a lovely fingertip-length veil or a super-long train that seems to go on forever. This trend has many facets, and it is all about drama and impact. 

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