Top Wedding Planners in Sydney, Australia

May 5, 2022

Planning your very own dream wedding can be a mix of emotions and sometimes feel overwhelming. It is now when your Wedding planner comes into the picture to help you relieve your stress. They are the only humans who can help you create your dream wedding.

Fairies, we’ve put a list together of Sydney’s top 10 Wedding planners that are sure to have all your Wedding inquiries sorted!

In no particular order, here you go!

Nadia Duran

Nadia Duran is an award-winning international event designer and producer. They have an experience of about 17 years in the wedding and events industry. Nadia Duran is known to be a fully prepared wedding planner who aspires to bring your fantasy wedding idea to reality. Thanks to her vast network of suppliers that she’s worked with before. Through this, she and her staff can get together the best in design, entertainment, production, and more to create the most pleasing wedding experience possible for you and your guests. So contact her as soon as possible if you want your special day to be characterized by vibrant enthusiasm and exceptional refinement.

The Nightingales

Kathy Apostolidis formed Nightingales in 1994. Since its formation, the Nightingales’ team of hardworking and best Stylists and Wedding Planners has been setting standards for the quality of wedding planning. They are known for their phenomenal services in the Wedding Industry, not just in Sydney or Australia but also overseas. Widely considered as experts in their field, Nightingales weddings and consultants have featured in many magazines such as Real Weddings, Bride 2 Be, The Cosmopolitan, Complete Wedding and The OK Magazine. Although they enjoy the privilege of being chosen to plan and style celebrity weddings from time to time as they did for British actress Lisa Hewitt, David Campbell and his bride, and Savage Garden’s Daniel Jones and his bride Hi-5’s Kathleen de Leon, we consider all our clients as celebrities and we provide the same exclusive level of quality and service.


Symphony is known for its Amicable team throughout Sydney. They create magical moments and a lifetime of happiness. They have an experience of 10+ years in the planning, designing and creating events. They have the articulate skill of creating exceptional circumstances throughout Sydney. With Meticulous planning and careful detailing, they make most of their wedding stand out of the crowd.

Colour 18 Wedding

Colour 18 Wedding is one of Sydney’s well-known wedding planning services providers. They specialize in working with professional business couples in order to take their stress away from the wedding planning process. Their team will carefully listen to your wedding inspirations and dreams and then design an elegant wedding according to the expectations of the couple and their guests. They are very passionate about every detail to make your wedding memorable. They carry the mission to mould and shape your visions so that your wedding reflects you as a couple, without the stress of planning it yourself. Each and every wedding event is personally supervised by Anni Lam, principal of colour 18 wedding, supported by a professional & dedicated team of bridal consultants. The team strives for excellence in its products, and they pride themselves on their service & commitment.

Anna Wang Events

Anna Wang Events and Wedding Planner specializes in unique events, commercial spaces & wedding styling. Their team transforms any room to create an incredible experience for you to share with family & friends on your wedding day. From the florals, ceremony, wedding decorations, furniture, props to audio and visual set, they create a visual piece that sets the ambience for your celebration. Their passion for designing events, planning weddings, and style these events come from their love for creating unique spaces for their customers – it’s their way of being of service to you. They are dedicated to unique weddings and events in Sydney & overseas. They also specialize in creating weddings with whimsical tones and impressive ambient lighting created by hundreds of candles. Your story started with a passion, so it should be celebrated passionately.

Emily Jean Events

Welcome to Sydney’s best untroubled wedding planning, organising, and management service. Emily carries all of her years of experience of event planning, wedding blending, and expertise. What is presented to clients is a highly personalized tactic to each wedding. They are a team of flexible, open-minded, and keen to accommodate each of your wedding wishes. They take pride in being totally transparent, helpful, honest and incredibly hardworking, ensuring they exceed your expectations on your special day. They also work with high levels of professionalism and integrity, which is tough to find in any industry, and not only in the wedding industry. If they put their hard work into your dream day, you can be assured, knowing that you have hired the best wedding planner.

Girl Friday Events

Girl Friday Weddings is considered to be one of Sydney’s premier wedding planning companies. The team is dedicated to offering prospective married couples a vast array of packages for every aspect of the wedding planning process. Within the wedding planning category, Girl Friday Weddings can offer planning services by the hour, ceremony consultation and planning, wedding reception and planning, vendor planning, and full-service event planning and coordination; this allows clients to either select the individual aspects of the process with which they require the most help or to opt for a more inclusive approach through the full-service package.

JK and Co. Events

With JK&Co. at the helm, Sydney-based clients can rest assured knowing that their wedding celebrations will be planned from beginning to end by a team of professional wedding planners. JK&Co. Events are set apart from the rest for the amount of control they leave to their clients over the decision-making process. They have flexibility in their all-inclusive packages and individualized attention based on a genuine, authentic connection formed between the team of planners at the company. Events are the All the Bells & Whistle package, ensuring that clients only speak to their planners. The planners can be the go-to liaison between the venue and the vendors; this allows clients to sit back, relax, and focus on the upcoming celebration.

For thy Sweet

Thy Sweet Love is a type of wedding planning company that is known for providing bespoke planning services to a variety of clients in and around Sydney. They offer proper wedding planning and management services, including vision development and vendor management. In the lead up to the wedding day, For Thy Sweet Love can manage detailed run sheets, wedding website creation, guest RSVPs, and much more.

Coutour Wedding Planners

Couture Wedding Planning is a luxury boutique specializing in wedding planning and coordinating such events. Fiona Deans-Dundas launched this Couture Weddings company about ten years ago. Since then, it has been named one of Australia’s top 5 wedding planning companies. They are known for the intricate touches they provide to personalize the wedding, which never goes unnoticed. The experienced specialists ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy your wedding with your closest friends and relatives without any issues. Everything is taken care of, from management to production, curation, and design, so you don’t have to stress about anything.

Bells and Whistles Events

With Bells and Whistles you can feel the breeze of a grand luxurious looking wedding. From the location up to the occasion itself, everything is taken care of by the company. Make your dream day a magnificent one. With Bells N Whistles Events, you can expect an outcome that you wish or even surpass it too. Because they’re not only arranging weddings, they plan other occasions too. They have the advantage in coordinating and handling people and props. They have undisputable event managing experience and an expert team of passionate professionals. You’ve been happy to have them on your side on your special day.

Audrey and Angus Weddings and Events

Founded by Lauren Janssen Harrison, the company builds its foundation in pure passion for making a dream wedding come true. Based in Sydney, Australia, the company specializes mainly in wedding planning. Their particular style in setting up venues is one-of-a-kind. They bring a personal commitment to every job they execute. And they put everything into place in a thoughtful manner. They approach their job more personally to form a marriage that will reflect your personality and love for each other. They will hear your love stories, get to know you and discuss your vision and expectation on your wedding day.

As a Sydney wedding photographer, it would be my pleasure to document your wedding. Pictures speak stories for a lifetime. My job is to capture the timeless images and bind them in the most naturalistic way. I’ll produce beautiful pictures capturing your most special day.

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