Wedding Decoration Ideas

January 3, 2022

Congrats on making it this far! You’ve finally overcome all the hurdles and obstacles that came between you and your perfect wedding. I know that there must be unexplained nausea along with that ticklish feeling in your stomach. You are currently going through a plethora of emotions and to be honest, it is hard to digest all at once. But guess what? You aren’t the first one to experience all this! Every bride and groom go through this phase of mystical butterflies and anxiety. Maybe you don’t understand the sanctity of the bond you are going to step into right now, but committing yourself for a lifetime to your other half is a feeling you are going to cherish forever! Marriage is a way of the ultimate Creator to shower his unconditional love upon you. In the form of your partner, it is him who stands by you in all good and bad. It’s a love that will never forsake you, no matter what.

So, it is no less than your fundamental right to have the BEST WEDDING EVER! You certainly deserve to celebrate this auspicious bond to the best of your abilities. There are myriad intricacies that go into planning your ‘The Day’. Making sure that each one of those is top-notch can be slightly cumbersome. Actually, extremely cumbersome… But, don’t you get stressed out, because I’m here to help you in all possible ways! It would be my pleasure if I could be even of the tiniest use during your wedding preparations.

One of the most crucial elements of any wedding is its decor. From deciding the type of flowers to the color of the table cloth, you have to decide it all! It can often be overwhelming for couples to process so much information and thus make an informed decision. So, here are a few wedding decoration ideas that you can go through, which can surely help you to get a better guess as to what type of decor you want at your wedding.

Fairy lights for a fairyland!

fairy lights - wedding decoration ideas

As it is said that the first impression is the last impression! And the lighting of your wedding event decides the type of aura you want to convey. In such a case, fairy lights can help create a magical essence on your special day. A few factors that you need to keep in mind are the timing of your event and the venue’s list of restricted decorations. It is quite obvious that you don’t want to exasperate your guests with an abundance of lights on an already warm, sunny day. A touch of them just for the aesthetic looks will be fine. But, if you have a night wedding then congrats, you have all the creative freedom you want! With the warmth of those lights, along with the pleasing visuals of the fairy lights, your guests are going to love it all!

Dessert Table Display is a must-have!

dessert table in wedding

After months of dieting and eating those tasteless dishes, just to fit in your dream dress, you do deserve some pampering! What else do you need than a table dedicated just for the most exotic desserts! These tables are sure to be the ‘hotspots’ of your wedding because who doesn’t love desserts? And not to forget the million Instagram tags that you’re going to get, all thanks to this dessert table! Adding small notes on the table can make it more delightful, such as ‘He’s my ice-cream…’ or ‘Love is too sweet for us, so sharing some with y’all’. There’s no chance that your guests aren’t enraptured by this elegant yet unique feature of your wedding!

The backdrop to your ‘I Do’ Moment has to be perfect!

i do moment

There’s no denying the fact that the ‘I Do’ is all you need to be legally married and the rest is pretty much non-essential. So it would be a shame if you get all things perfect except the ‘I Do’ moment! Getting the finest photos of you and your partner, as you stand completely engrossed in each other’s eyes has to be your top priority! Your backdrop is a clean slate and is open to all your creativity! There can be myriad stunning visuals that you can plan. From a rustic wooden arch to a romantic altar of flowers, you are the one to decide! Whatever template you choose, know that it will encompass you and your partner in a single frame, for the photos as well as for the rest of your life.

A 3-tier fancy cake is a no-brainer!

3-tier wedding cake


A wedding without a cake is like you without your partner! Can’t imagine yourself without your significant other, can you? And that’s why we can’t imagine a wedding without that 3-tier fancy cake! Well, the details like flavor, decor are all yours to play with, it is the cake that is quintessential. My advice would be to stick with the basics if you are already going beyond the budget. Trust your baker with the flavors they offer, as they’re aware of the combinations that go well together. When it comes to decoration ideas, you’ll be able to find a plethora of them on the internet (especially Pinterest). In most cases, bakers are flexible in copying all types of designs, but if they aren’t then you should be able to incorporate some modifications. A romantic yet clever message on the cake will just be the cherry on top and ensure some sterling photographs!

Table decor centerpieces are too cute to be missed!

wedding table centerpiece

If you are one of those couples who are focusing on even the slightest details of your wedding, then I’ll add another one to your list- centerpieces! Amongst all the nitty-grits of planning your wedding, it is probable that you miss having a table centerpiece. Imagine when your guests are sitting at the table, probably waiting for the dinner to start, the only thing that they’ll notice is the cute centerpiece that’s been placed at the table! An elegant bouquet or a classy frill umbrella are the most common options. A cute note from your side or even your ‘ship-name’ can add a lot of volume to the otherwise simple and boring tables. However, I would be at fault if I don’t mention the trendiest centerpiece (and my personal favorite too). You can actually put a Jenga on the table and within no time, you’ll see your guests having so much fun!

Add a personal touch to your wedding!

Wedding decor ideas

It is known that your guests must have attended at least a gazillion weddings till now. So how do you go beyond the usual ceremonies and make yours the one to remember? A touch of personalization in whole wedding decoration ideas can help you solve this problem. Small personalized elements can bring a smile to everyone’s face! Anything, ranging from the napkins to the wedding hampers, can be imbibed with a sense of YOU and your blossoming love. There are many ways to accomplish this. One of them (and the trendiest one) is to create a personal hashtag of your own. You can either use the initials of your names, or something like #BestDealEver. Make sure that the guests use this hashtag on every photo that they upload on their social media handles. And the best of all would be to write a special thank you note for everyone who attended the wedding. Yes, it would be time-consuming but certainly worth it!

There are a multitude of options before you as to how you would like your special day to be. Have you decided about yours yet?

As a professional wedding photographer in Sydney with years of experience, a tip that I would like to share with couples like you is that a perfect wedding is a myth. I’ve met and interacted with so many couples over the years, and have come to the conclusion that it is the journey that matters. No matter how hard you try, there will always be something to trouble you on the final day. But the important thing is to keep going and realize the purpose you are doing all this for, i.e, to celebrate your love. So, don’t get disheartened if things don’t go your way or as you had it planned in your head. In fact, this is symbolic of the life you are going to lead ahead. Many discrepancies will come in your way but you and your partner have to always be there for each other.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t try, does it? Having the best photographer for your wedding should certainly be on the top of your list! I would consider it my utmost fortune if I get the opportunity to preserve these priceless moments for you. Vibrant, larger-than-life pictures are a characteristic of my style of work. It is a huge responsibility upon me to capture these memories which you can cherish for a lifetime. You can have a glance at my website and portfolio, and if interested, please feel free to contact me.