Questions & Answers

How many hours of coverage should I choose?


We recommend 10 hours, it's the right amount of coverage to includes bits and pieces of your getting ready, your ceremony and all the way to your reception while getting snippets of people letting loose on the dance floor!

Do you have insurance?


Sure do, we're covered for 20 million public liability.

How many shots do you take at a wedding?


Every wedding is different, but we generally deliver roughly around 800 high resolution edited photos for 10 hours.

We're super awkward in front of a camera, is that okay? We're worried our photos may not look good.


The sheer amount of couples that we document, aren't models. Which means, that photos that you see all over our website, Instagram or any social platform are couples that are probably in the similar, if not same situation as you. Being a story-teller isn't just about taking photos, its also about making you feel super comfortable and we're a gun at that.