Wedding Venues With Reception In Australia

January 5, 2022

A wedding is not just an event, but rather a culmination of wonderful anticipation and beautiful emotions. It marks the coming together of two individuals who are head-to-toe in love with each other. It brings together two families, two cultures, and a lot of sentiments! It is so much more than just an event! You’ve basically waited your whole life for this one day. After a gruesome search and God knows how many dates, you found THE ONE. Now that you’ve finally overcome all the awkward conversations, myriad fights over petty issues, cranky looks from relatives, and whatnot, you do deserve some pampering! Everyone deserves to feel special on the biggest and most important day of their lives. And the first step of planning your dream wedding is to find the ideal wedding destination!

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding can be quite a cumbersome task. Above that, finding one which is suitable for your reception as well is nothing short of a task! But, what am I here for? I’ve carried out tremendous research in the whole of Australia in order to make sure that couples like you have the most astounding wedding! Your ‘I Do’ moment is something that will be with you for a lifetime. So, there shall be no scope of compromise between your ambitions and the final day. I would consider it my fortune if I could be of any help in getting you a step closer to the wedding you always dreamt of. Here are some of the Wedding Venues With Reception In Australia I’ve shortlisted that can serve as ideal destinations for your wedding as well as the reception.

1. The Crown, Melbourne

If you are one of those couples who want the most lavish wedding, along with a touch of royalty, then The Crown is the place for you! The location is one of the best in Australia because                      of the picturesque Yarra River in the backdrop. The hotel also boasts one of the largest ballrooms in the country, which can serve as the perfect location for your reception! I mean, what else              does one want? A wedding with the serene Yarra river belong side, and then a reception bash with all your loved ones!

2. Eureka 89, Melbourne

Here’s another charming gem of Melbourne that is, as the name suggests, on the 89th floor of the magnificent Eureka Tower. If you are looking for something beyond ordinary, and wish to give your guests the experience of a lifetime, then Eureka is the place! Tying the knot on the 89th floor, along with drop-dead gorgeous views is hard to miss! However, the location shall be suitable only for a close-knit event due to the seating constraints. Make sure that you choose your guests wisely, as they will be treated like nothing less than celebrities by the extremely friendly hosts!

3. Loyal Hope Of The Valley, Brisbane

Located on the outskirts of Brisbane, this venue is the perfect escape from the city’s everyday hustle and bustle. It shall be ideal for those who wish to imbibe that sense of calmness and tranquility at their wedding. Which girl wouldn’t want to marry amongst whitewashed walls, natural light beams, and emerald green art bar! In fact, the venue is renowned for the fact that it doesn’t even need any decorations! It is already bestowed with breathtaking beauty all around. Moreover, you are free to use as much space as you wish, thanks to the spacious halls of the location. Believe me, this location is nothing short of paradise on Earth!

4. Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

This French architecture marvel is perfect if you’re looking for a heritage and elegant wedding. It truly represents one of the best landscapes in Sydney, and shall not disappoint you in celebration of your special day. Imagine saying ‘I Do’ to your partner at an iconic place that has been the stand-bearer of all exclusive weddings in Australia since the day of its inception in 1966! This 5-star hotel can manage a flawless wedding even if you are planning an enormous 1,100 wedding guest gala!

5. Hamilton Island

Located in the heart of the most popular tourist destination of Australia, The Great Coral Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island offers not one, not two, but close to 15 exquisite venues for your dream wedding! This place has all things you need, the flavor of country charm along with a touch of luxury! Not only wedding and reception functions, but couples from all around the world also come here for a romantic getaway. The combination of heavenly location, pleasant weather throughout the year, and accommodation of as many guests is surely a hard one to miss!

6. Luna Park, Milsons Point, New South Wales

This quirky venue is only for the valiant couples out there! All those spunky ones out there who don’t want the same traditional mundane wedding, then what better place is there to get married in an amusement park itself! Is there anything more fun than an adrenaline rush on a roller-coaster followed by saying ‘I Do’ to the love of your life? Not only that, but the venue also offers a spectacular crystal ballroom for the newlyweds, which I feel is ideal for an after-party or reception. You’ll be amazed to know that this out-of-the-box location is one of the popular ones in Sydney!

7. Paronella Park, Queensland

If you wish to spend your special day in the bounties of nature, then you don’t even need to give it a second thought. Paronella Park is the place for you! Getting married in a mystical rainforest, surrounded by greenery and whimsical waterfalls isn’t short of a dream! And it only gets better!

The location literally has a castle, in order to complete your fairy tale wedding. A fun fact about this place is that it was inaugurated in 1935 by Jose Paronella, with the sole motive of making it the premier wedding destination of the whole of Australia. It even continued to do so, until 1979 when a fire broke out in the building. Now, 75 years hence, it again aims to stand back on its feet and regain its lost reputation as the wedding dreamland.

8. Darlington Estate Winery, Perth

This magnificent 40-acre vineyard Estate is one of the most premium wedding locations. It gives couples the ideal rustic, elegant charm that everyone seeks for their once-in-a-lifetime moment. The breathtaking infrastructure, combined with the mind-boggling scenery of the vineyard is utterly captivating. I, as a photographer, absolutely relish my experience clicking pictures for weddings in a vineyard. To complement the natural beauty of the location, are the awe-inspiring culinary options, and a unique courtyard outdoor dance floor! A tip from my side would be to go for a winter wedding, since the rates are almost half of usual, and the scenery is anyway extraordinary. It is, in fact, a common misconception that winter weddings are not so preferred due to restraint on outside events. However, I know myriad couples who intentionally went for a winter wedding, firstly because of lower venue rates, as well as even more picturesque views on a chilly, misty night.

9. Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Yes, you read it right! Getting married in a Zoo is a real thing! The renowned Taronga Zoo in Sydney has dedicated event spaces for your animal-friendly wedding and reception! This place can be the perfect host for your exceptional and out-of-the-box wedding. Their event spaces have a seating capacity to suit a function of anything from a 15 people intimate affair to a 2,000 guests mega event! The N’galawa terrace above the ballroom has some stupendous panoramic views of the resplendent Taronga grounds. And how can I forget to mention the breathtaking sunset views? Imagine the rustic and orange skyline of Sydney city as a backdrop to your wedding function! You and your guests are sure to have a gala!

Australia has a plethora of magnificent wedding venues which can make your special day much grander! Have you found yours yet?

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