Weddings On The Beach

January 11, 2022

Weddings can be as remarkable as the people who are getting married. Getting hitched at the shoreline can be a unique approach to commend your union. There’s nothing more blissful than a beach wedding, it would determine you to pack all your belongings and run away to the ocean. The east coast of Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and water sports.

Sydney and South Wales have gorgeous beaches as well. The salty breeze, bare feet on the sand feels surreal while you exchange vows, flowers, candles, the decoration that swings along with the breeze, all of which constitutes a beautiful romantic scenario.

A beautiful wedding along the shoreline is very captivating. The grey skies make for perfect lighting. The slight breeze keeps you chilled, and provides you relief from the warmth of the setting sun. Water slams against the rock in the distance, it makes rumbling noises, seagulls squawk overhead, the beautiful white gown, very natural makeup, and chirpy decorations become cherry on top of the cake. Of all the venues and locations, beach weddings top the list, a mix of the classy-fun element.

The essence of the wedding lies in choosing a perfect location. Some venues are budget-friendly, some fall on the expensive side, it caters to the needs of diverse customers. A Beach wedding can never go wrong, it will always remain an elegant choice. A wedding on the beach requires prior planning, budgeting, and selection of the location.

The allure of an intimate beach wedding stems from the fact that it allows you to plan your day with relative ease. However, some beach weddings can be lavish. You’ll be able to decide how dressed up you want to be for your beach wedding, as well as what elements from a traditional wedding you want to leave out or embrace, and you’ll have plenty of room to experiment with beach and Oceanside themes.

There are a few things to consider while arranging a beach wedding.

  • First and foremost, you must choose a wedding official who is licensed by the state to perform weddings on the site where your ceremony will be held and who has a valid marriage license.
  • Another aspect to keep in mind is choosing a location that has easy accessibility since you would need to move tables, chairs, food, music system, and arrange for decorations. While planning a wedding, it is a priority to think about the guests who will accompany you to your memorable day.
  • Nothing matches a romantic walk down the beach while listening to the waves slamming against the coast. It becomes a completely different situation when you’re seeking to exchange vows. Getting a professional sound system is the solution to this problem. Another alternative is to get a windshield for your microphone, which will prevent the wind from overpowering what you’re attempting to say.
  • You’ll need to adjust your decor for the outdoors because it gets windy. The extravagant flowers, tall candles, and even breezy ribbons and balloons, might blow away. A smart move is to use durable decorations and stay away from breakables. Secure everything you can’t live without (such as name tags, photographs) When it comes to flowers, make sure you select kinds that can withstand extreme temperatures and won’t wilt before the wedding.
  • Outdoor locations typically mean that the guests will be exposed to the elements. To ensure the comfort of everyone, hold your ceremony in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is at its most mild. Include shade in the location. Anticipating weather is a crucial task.
  • Also, if you are getting married at the beach, with no resorts nearby, taking precautions while planning food is very important. Order food and cake that will survive the humidity and hot temperatures.
  • Choose and wear dresses that can bustle easily, are lightweight suitable for the weather, not too complicated.
  • Avoid heels, beach is synonymous with comfort, ease. Wear sandals, flats, wedges, shoes, anything comfortable. It is intelligent to give attention to creating an aisle that will ease your walk.
  • Beaches are public property, the beachgoers and sun tanners can access the spaces well, if you’re worried about private space, you might want to consider looking for private property, or a resort near your event. It will grant you some seclusion. If not, try finding a beach that’s not very tourist popular, or try different times during the day.
  • While you choose, make sure you check with the city for the permit if you’d need to, some beaches prohibit alcohol, bonfires, and too many guests. Make sure to understand fees and approval.

Decorations and other things to consider while organizing weddings on the beach

beach wedding decoration

The decoration in beach weddings is comparatively easier than traditional expensive weddings held in the church. You can save yourself from booking high-end venues, make arrangements for rest areas, book a venue for the reception, and rent expensive decorations that will burn a hole in your pocket and yet won’t get you satisfied. Here you have a choice, focus on highlighting the natural elements of your venue in a way that will make your wedding come to life. Create a theme using the varied colors of the ocean or sand, as well as stones, dune grasses, and other items.

Beach weddings are convenient, a simple arrangement looks exquisite. The view of the ocean, the sand between your toes, and the cold wind transport you to a magnificent place. It’s magical. The setting is relaxing and peaceful, everyone attending along with the couple has an option to take down a notch from the old school, heavy, layered clothes and choose flowy clothes. Beaches are picture-worthy. You’re sure to get a stunning backdrop for your pictures, whether it’s by the water, on the sand, or by some random rock formation on the coast. The possibilities are endless, it offers a variety in color tones and textures, and it could be a blue cascade of the sea from the coast to the horizon, the golden hue of the sunset, fluffy clouds.

Regardless of where your guests are coming from, your wedding will serve a higher purpose for your guests. They will leave no opportunity to seize the time and translate it to their mini-vacation. Beaches have a lot to offer, there are many activities for the whole family: ATV, horseback and buggy tours, mountain treks, zip-lining, boat trips, scuba diving, snorkeling, parachuting, mountain biking, surfing, windsurfing, paddleboard, etc. Beach weddings are also better because they keep your guest list short and save your money.

You’ve already gone to the wedding; you don’t need to travel again for your honeymoon!

beach wedding

All you would need to do is just return to your Beach House, hotel, or apartment and begin your honeymoon right away!

You won’t have to battle with jet lag or weariness since you’ve already arrived. You may now spend quality time together on the green coast’s lovely beaches.

Some of the most beautiful photos taken have been right at sunset, a wedding on the beach will make room for beautiful sun-kissed pictures of the couple. Some couples like to have their wedding early in the morning, which is also a beautiful time to be on the beach for a wedding and capture some of the most stunning photographs.

The beach is tranquil in the morning, and the waves are relatively low, making it an ideal time for a wedding ceremony because you can hear the music and the Minister speak.

What will you do in the event of bad weather?

beach wedding ideas
Tropical conditions are unavoidable, travellers may find themselves uncomfortable in the scorching heat and scorching sun. If you want to escape the worst of the weather, consider holding your ceremony in the morning or late afternoon. Also, make sure your ceremony location has enough shade, especially if there will be a lot of kids or senior individuals around.

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